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Kvellix LLC incorporated in the spring of 2016 in order to  develop games and services based on the NUTSO brand. Our first product is NUTSO the card game.  A Texas  HoldEm variant of poker for both adults and kids. NUTSO  is a bridge between generations where grandparent and  grandchild can spend time together.  We tried to develop  a game that was simple to learn yet challenging to all.  The card game will be availble to the public in the fall of  2017.     We intend to have a online gaming precense in the spring  of 2018.  We thank you for taking interest in NUTSO and hope you  can support us in growing the nation.  PLAY NUTSO!!!!  - Scott Solomon - 


Our 2 - dimensional spokesperson

Introducing NUTSO NORM

NUTSO NORM  (short for Norm Al) is the Kvellix spokes  character.  The NUTSO deck shows the 11 stages of  Norm’s animated facial expressions.  From the calm Norm to the full on roid raged Norm who goes splat.