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Who are we?

Kvellix is a Limited Liability Corporation

Our mission is to  produce, support and promote  games based on the NUTSO brand.

What do we do?

Simply said Kvellix develops card and online games.

Our games are based on our NUTSO brand.   Games are based on our patented set of NUTSO gaming cards and rules.

NUTSO Nation

Learn more about NUTSO and join the nation at        www.nutsonation.com  

NUTSO is the most outragous

game you will ever play.

It can be best described as a wild  combination of Texas HoldEm and  UNOTM, where poker aficionatos are evenly matched with the newbie  generation. You hand is only as  good as the last players move.    Let’s just say if you think you have the best hand, you’re probably wrong.